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How it all began?


Read the story of two friends who passionately wanted to preserve the fragile beauty of butterflies who naturally reached the end of their lives in the famous Prague Butterfly House. Jana and Lenka decided to give their wings a new, never ending life in their unique jewellery that is now loved by hundreds of people around the world.



“My sister used to work at the Prague Butterfly House and this really sparked my interest in these beautiful creatures. I loved watching them and started learning about them - how they live, what they eat and also what happens to them when they reach the end of their lives and die of natural causes in the House. I found out that they are simply discarded. I thought that this was a terrible waste and I was very sorry that they completely disappeared after their short life. It truly inspired me to do something. I asked for a few samples and we started experimenting”. This is how Lenka describes their beginnings.


It took a really long time to work out how to work with such a fragile and sensitive material as butterfly wings. Through trial and error, they had to painstakingly invent a complicated procedure that would preserve the beauty of the wing.

“It took us over three months to fine tune the processing methods. Every type of butterfly wing has a unique surface that reacts differently with preserving agents. That made the whole process very complicated. So now, we do not have one production technology secret but we have to have many”, Jana describes the difficulties of their work.


It took an additional three months to develop attractive products that could be offered to customers.


The uniquely beautiful butterfly jewellery was an instant hit, with sales substantially exceeding expectations. This allowed Jana and Lenka to leave their jobs and turn their hobby into a full-time profitable business.


These days, they have their own company trademark - ByButterfly. Lenka is the business lead in the company bringing in extensive experience in marketing, communications and sales. Jana is the creative spirit working hard in her workshop to develop new beautiful pieces, each being an absolute original.


“It has been a steep learning curve but we absolutely love it!”, says Lenka. “We had to learn to do everything by ourselves – from taking high quality photographs to presenting our jewellery at design fairs and exhibitions. Nobody is as committed as us at promoting and selling these products.”


“Our customers want to know how we started our business, how we feel about butterflies and how we create our products. It is important to them that the butterfly lived and ended its life in a natural way. Only after did it become beautiful jewellery” Jana explains passionately.



And what about the future?

“We have many plans and very much hope to develop a strong sustainable business that will keep bringing pleasure to us and to our customers”, says Lenka.

And Jana adds: “Every morning when I wake up, I am so excited to start working. Every new butterfly creates new ideas. The process is inspiring and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.”


                            PRAHA                                BRNO                       KARLOVY VARY 


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